So This Is Goodbye

Grooveshark shut down this past Thursday.

It hit me harder than it arguably should have. Yes, it is a fundamental, unexpected interruption to the way that I work, but there’s something more to it. It’s just a music service after all. I didn’t know anyone who worked there, and I didn’t have any stock in the company.

Maybe it’s because my ravenous exploration of new music helped me through the difficult transition period around 2011. Grooveshark was the provider of much-needed colour in my life. Grooveshark hummed away while I finished my degree, redefined myself, grew into leadership, and built a business. I had discovered thousands of tracks and organized them carefully into task-oriented playlists.

And here I was, scrambling to hopefully retrieve whatever data I could before it was gone forever. Search and rescue for refugee data from a failed corpo-state. My computing wizardry skills at least meant that I managed to make it out with around 60% to 80% of my collection’s listing. That’s more than some can say.

Shortly after hearing of the service’s demise, but before discovering the Reddit tutorial, I realized that my laptop would still have a copy of the last page I was on until I refreshed. Opening it, I saw the player there, forever frozen halfway through the last song Grooveshark would ever play for me: an alternatively-labelled Porcelain by Moby.

Call Me Ishmael

Sometimes life imitates art.

Robin Miller

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