We Are Flanders Fields

On this Remembrance Day, as always, we think of our armed forces. We watch them parade, we wear poppies, we listen to speeches. We share our moment of silence. It is on Remembrance Day that we make time to honour those who have served as heroes. Many of us think we could never give so much. Could never be so brave. Impossible. Impossible.

But we forget that heroes are just everyday people in extraordinary circumstances. In forces past and present, the ranks were filled with everyday people; electricians, bakers, farmers, students, and cooks. Whatever their origin, whatever their reason, a call was heard. They answered. They became heroes, dead and alive; wounded or miraculously unscathed. They showed us then and now what it means to stand for others, to stand for us, to stand for you.

On this Remembrance Day, remember them as you remember yourself. Full of fears and hopes. Longing and pride. Itches, sneezes, and swears. Remember them as everyday people.

On this Remembrance Day, remember that we and they are the same. We are everyday people. They stand for us. We stand for us. They serve. We serve.

On this Remembrance Day, you too can serve. Your city, your neighbourhood, your home. Find three ways to serve – because you too are everyday people.

And everyday people do the impossible.